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Cody's Garden Free Table
Pickleball Day 2 Volunteers
Day of Caring at Enslen Park
A Good Neighbor
Day of Caring at Enslen Park
Day of Caring
CANA April Play Equipment @ Graceda Park

College Area Neighborhood Alliance (CANA)

Mission: Neighbors working together with the City to create a safe, clean, family-friendly and vibrant neighborhood. We are proud of our community and invite all our neighbors to come out and participate in our meetings and activities. Coordinating and participating in activities is purely voluntary.

CANA is composed of residents within the boundaries of McHenry Avenue, Tully Road, Orangeburg Avenue, and Needham Street in Modesto, CA. This comprises roughly 2000 households. It is founded on community involvement and is not a political group. Anyone who lives or owns property within the boundary of CANA can participate in the neighborhood activities and events.

Since our inception in 2010, we have had many accomplishments and we are always looking for ways to improve our environment and help our residents lead happier and safe lives. If you are interested in helping our community please reach out and we can try to make more goals a reality.

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