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Our Goals & Objectives

  • Promoting a healthy quality of life to all who live/work in our communities.
  • Empowering all who want to be involved to learn and work together.
  • Assisting neighbors and neighborhoods to meet their goals.
  • Creating connected communities to build trust and safety.
  • Equipping our communities with tools/skills needed to be successful.
MNI | Goals & Objectives

Our Impact

Below are some of the ways we impact our community.


Beyer/Sylvan at the Lakes

Highlights of MNI & our Community Groups.

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Partnership Collaborations

MNI | Partnership Collaborations

Working together towards common goals.

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MNI | Annual Events Around the City

Cultivating a culture of involvement and support.

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Getting to Know You

John Muir Park Community

Building & strengthening our connections.

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Community Comments

MNI | Community Comments

Shared comments from our community.

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How to Join In

Forming a group is about engaging neighbors and building community connections. Help improve your community and unite residents by giving them the ability to meet each other, identify concerns, and promote understanding. Also, connecting with private and public agencies for resources, there becomes a collaboration of working together for a better community.

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Donate Today!

Your support helps improve our diverse neighborhoods throughout Modesto creating a sense of community and collaboration within each neighborhood city-wide. You are making a difference with your contribution.

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Toolkits & Resources

Toolkits are invaluable resources that offer a carefully curated collection of references, resources, guidelines, and templates. Discover ways to connect with your neighbors, delve into the qualities of a community leader, and explore how you can contribute to enhancing the quality of life for yourself, your family, and your community.

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About Us

In 2004 a small group of La Loma residents met to discuss issues they were facing in their neighborhood. They created an action plan of volunteer neighbors to benefit the area called La Loma Neighborhood for all who lived and worked within the boundaries. They worked together to tackle crime, blight, and build a stronger, safer community, which has served as a model for others to follow. The City of Modesto also wrote an initiative to promote partnerships to engage neighborhoods and create a sense of community. The purpose was to create safer neighborhoods by getting to know each other and working together with city/county officials and agencies.

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Photos of our City

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