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MNI at 2024 La Loma Neighborhood Pollinator Festival

La Loma Pollinator Festival 2024

The La Loma Neighborhood recently held the annual 2024 Pollinator Festival on May 18th at the enchanting Native Plant Garden located on Encina Avenue. Children adorned in colorful pollinator costumes showcased their creativity as they paraded down the trail, embodying butterflies and bees … a delightful sight to behold. The festival, aimed at promoting awareness about pollinators and their importance in the ecosystem, attracted families and nature enthusiasts alike to celebrate the beauty of these vital creatures.

Attendees were not only treated to the charming sight of children AND adults in pollinator costumes but also had the opportunity to explore a variety of stalls set up by numerous vendors. These vendors, passionate about the environment and wildlife, shared their love for the outdoors, animals, trees, and all things nature-related. From handmade crafts to educational displays, visitors had the chance to learn more about supporting local ecosystems and the significance of preserving pollinator habitats for future generations.

The festival served as a heartwarming gathering for the community, fostering a sense of appreciation for the natural world and the essential role of pollinators within it. As participants strolled through the garden, engaging with various activities and conversations about conservation, the event proved to be a perfect blend of fun and education. With its focus on environmental stewardship and hands-on experiences, the 2024 Pollinator Festival left a lasting impact on all who attended, inspiring a deeper connection with the environment.

National Good Neighbor Day - September 28th

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